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Sep 29

Session: Hacking Your Way Into Security!

September 29 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Presented By: Jason Azzarella


Goal: Attendees should leave with a better understanding of where to focus their studies to make the quick leap into the security field. Mentors will also be provided information which may help guide their recommendations when working with their pupils.


  • Recruiting is hard!
    • Challenges companies are facing when attempting to hire entry to mid level employees.
    • What does Bechtel look for?
  • Education and You
    • College, certifications, capture the flags, hands-on exposure, mentorships, networking, internships.
    • What does it all mean and what is more important?
  • It’s a trap!
    • What traps might you fall into and how you can stand out from the crowd when interviewing.
    • Why was I rejected for my dream job?!
  • Pupils and you
    • As a mentor, how should you be interacting with your pupil?
    • What could possibly cause you to fail as a mentor?
  • Puzzles
    • Provide/Display/Work through two puzzles which display real world explanations of how a CTFs challenge can be related to a malicious actor/attacker.
  • QnA/Feedback Section


Method: The puzzles described will contain a little bit of the following for attendees to see: encryption/decryption (B64), scripting (reversing character sets), tool searching (xor on the fly), file header analysis (patterns in an exe) and more at a basic level. This will be a conversational piece so I will be directly asking for feedback to the crowd as we work through the puzzle. At the end of each of the two puzzles, I will explain how solving this kind of CTF can be directly associated with malware or malicious actors attempting to cover their tracks.


September 29
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT