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Sep 30

Session: Cell Site Analysis and Data Validation: Bringing the Digital Environment to Justice

September 30 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Presented By: Pier Luigi Putton



Our everyday world is enabled by technology and mobile devices. Everyone owns at least a cell phone generating communication, an individual’s digital footprint. From an investigative point of view this constitutes a complex array of information which can be evaluated and analyzed with modern technologies, following forensically sound practices.

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is the individual’s digital footprint: data registered and produced for all telecommunication exchange between mobile devices and the service infrastructure, documenting the details of calls or other transactions, for example, messages or data usage.

For service providers, CDRs are the basis for the generation of telephone bills. Carriers securely store many facts relative to the device’s user activity: the files contain attributes such as the source and destination number, transmission date, time, duration, and more. They provide a way of tracking and mapping the position of a transmission relative to the connected cell towers used by devices in communication with each other.

In an investigation, these records represent an evidence source of the highest level of inalterability compared to others. In analyzing them, the potential of identifying cyber footprints, and revealing details relative to relationships with associates, communication and behavior patterns, and even geographical data, that can establish a proficient initial source of information for the investigation.

The objective is discovering and presenting the connection between these sources and what is recorded in CDRs and defined in BTS cell site analysis. The interconnection of multiple evidence sources, which support and complement each other, confirm, and solidify the investigator’s job of bringing justice.


September 30
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT